We have a much experienced design team, familiar with China domestic, European, American, Japanese and other mold design standards, be able to use all kinds of software skillfully for mold and product designing.  There are more than 20 engineers who have much experience in mold designing:

More than 20 years experience 20%---High-level designers,

More than 10 years experience 30%--- Professional designers,

More than 5 years experience 50%--- Mold designers.

Mold Flow Analysis


Engineers use the advantages of mold flow analysis to better optimize products and molds, greatly reducing the risk of mold opening. Mold flow analysis is just a tool, our core value is to provide solutions to customers, not just "model flow analysis reports", we Provide complete product optimization solutions, material selection options, gate location/size solutions, cooling and deformation solutions. The team has been established since

Project Management